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Termite killers can take a few different forms:Foaming agentsDustsConcentrated liquidsIn our list, we strive to bring you a variety of all three. However, don't miss out on one of our other guides on termite Sprays. Want To Solve Your Pest Problem Now? We’ve partnered with Terminix to bring you exclusive discounts and priority service for your pest control needs.

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It's common to question whether or not the chemical that promises to zap the life right out of the bug you want to kill is going to do the same to your kids, your pets, and even yourself.There are a few different types of chemicals out there which are used as active ingredients to target termites, and a few of the most widely-recognized come from the same derivative in nature: the chrysanthemum flower.The "big-name" insecticides (Bifenthrin, Permethrin, Fipronil, Imidacloprid) all work in the same way: by attacking the insect's nerve cells, the pest's central nervous system begins to fail and shut down, leading to death.For this same reaction to occur in a body larger than an insect's, the exposure would have to be replicated several hundred thousand times over.This means that unless your pets and kids get into a spilled supply of pesticides, they should be perfectly safe around a residual amount.Most termite chemicals for sale will list on the label whether or not the product is suitable for use in the home, and we recommend to take extreme caution.If you're mixing a termite spray with water yourself, always dilute it a little heavier than you normally would for outdoor use when planning to use indoors.In addition, air out the house with doors and windows open to allow fumes to make their way outside, and for any wet solution to dry before allowing kids or pets back inside.

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For more information on your specific state as well as more guidelines on any specific insecticide you may have on your mind, please visit the Environmental Protection Agency's page all about pesticide.We live in such a DIY-heavy culture--what's the problem with taking out the termites by ourselves?Keep reading for what you should (and should NOT) do if you're going to attempt to use a homemade termite killer.Normally speaking, we'd advise that you try an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to solving your pest problem.

You need to take more drastic action, and at a much faster pace than simply cutting down a few trees and waiting around to see if the termites magically vacate the premises.If you see the signs of termites already in your home, you may have a problem which needs to be handled by a trained professional.

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Termites are the ultimate cause of destruction in a person's home, and oftentimes, the damage caused by termites aren't covered by homeowner's insurance. We recommend using our local exterminator tool to find a qualified professional. Termites are sneaky creatures.Oftentimes, they can live in your wooden structures for years—crawling right through your walls!—without you noticing.Dr.

Once you notice these red flags, it's time to take action to protect your home. These signals pop up once a colony has already formed, which means that you'll be seriously outnumbered from the very beginning. Want To Solve Your Pest Problem Now? We’ve partnered with Terminix to bring you exclusive discounts and priority service for your pest control needs.

The Top 5 Termite Killers Of 2020 - This Old House in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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In the below section we break down each of our product recommendations in a little more detail. Easy-to-use dust for hard-to-reach placesTakes out termites as well as other bugsFunctional product that gets results fast Delta Dust is an all-around winner: it packs a punch in terms of affordability, accessibility, ease of use, and resourcefulness.

The dust works by stopping a pest's nervous system on contact, leading to death. Only a small bit of dust is required to do the trick, meaning that there won't be a white, dusty residue tracked through your home in order to control your termite problem. Affordable termite control optionCan be used in several different environmentsKills other types of household or garden pestsMarketed by Bayer, a trusted name brand worldwide Requires a bulb duster to administer the dust, sold separatelyCan't be shipped to NY or CT as per state regulations Name-brand productDelivers results fastUsed to kill termites in gaping spaces What sets this product apart from the rest on the list is that it's a foaming agent termiticide.The instructions of a foaming termite killer state that the product is only to be used in voids such as within walls, beneath tubs, and beneath floorboards.Basically, anywhere that termites can scuttle around and can be sealed up later (away from kids and pets) is prime real estate for Termidor Foam.