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Published Nov 23, 20
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For the last 30+ years, customers in our stores have asked, "" For an active infestation, we typically suggest getting a Pest Control Service Company to do the work for Subterranean (Ground) termites. There are many factors, particularly the home's construction (slab or basement) that affect the treatment method. If you are determined to treat an active termite infestation call us before you start .

There are professional termiticides and termite bait systems available to assist with the treatment process. The majority of drywood termite cases need assistance from a trained professional. Doing your own termite work, i.e. applying chemicals for termites, is not for everyone. Our Do It Yourself Termite Control website is dedicated to helping homeowners decide if they can do their own termite work.

Can I apply termite chemicals? gives recommendations and instructions on how to treat for termites. There are two major methods of termite control. You can use liquid termite insecticides (termiticides) for barrier and soil treatment or use termite baits. Some people choose both options. The two articles below are from our termite site, Do It Yourself Termite Control, that go into detail termite control procedures and methods.

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These treatments prevent termites that are already inside the structure from getting to the soil to get the moisture needed to survive. If you choose a liquid termite method, it will give you faster results, and you can apply the finished solution close to the termite infestation. If you have an existing termite infestation, applying a liquid termiticide may mean that drilling is required to reach the termites.

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On the other hand, if there is crawl space clearance and you can simply drench around your home, doing your termite work would not be as difficult. The technology of non repellent insecticides such as Taurus SC and Termidor SC, is an advancement over other termite insecticides that are only offer repellent barriers.

They will find ways around it. The use of a repellent termite chemical is a major short-coming in the traditional chemicals used for termite control. Taurus SC and Termidor SC are made up of non-repellent insecticides meaning they are undetectable by termites. The termites can't see, smell, taste or avoid Taurus and Termidor.

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The currently available chemical barrier pesticides are designed to last no more than 5-10 years. Termite Monitors and Baits can be used as a companion for controlling subterranean termites, or as a stand alone treatment method. Instead of injecting chemicals into the soil, you can also place termite bait directly into the ground around the outside of a structure.

The technology of baiting systems for termites are constantly changing and improving. We currently recommend the Trelona ATBS Termite Bait System. Baiting colonies of termites is simple and can also be used as a monitoring tool to detect termites when they are not yet a threat to the structure. Termite baits elimininate and control in conditions where the structure is untreatable with soil termiticides (near a body of water for example), or there is a concern about pesticide use, and even in structures where soil treatments have failed.

are fast acting, typically controlling termites within a couple of weeks. However, success is dependent on making sure enough of the termites get exposed to the dust. Even though the dust is transferred between termites to magnify the effect, it still requires enough of the termites to receive a dose.

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have similar performance benefits and drawbacks to termite dusts. However, termite foams are a better option for humid or wet areas where dusts can clump and become less effective. They are also a good option for larger area treatments such as wall voids. are the only proven method to eliminate termites from the building and destroy the nest.

It needs to be slow acting as it has to be spread around the colony before it starts to have an effect. Once they have taken enough bait, the elimination of the nest is guaranteed, but it often take several months to complete the job. On the plus side the nest won’t return to try and attack your home again! Which termite products are used will depend on the species of termite present, the size of the infestation and the access to suitable areas to treat.

Posted on July 11, 2019 Termite treatments have advanced a lot in recent years. In the past, pest control technicians used pesticides that would kill termites on contact. Pesticides like this are known in the industry as “repellents”. Repellents aren’t the most effective treatment method as they were never really designed to eliminate termite colonies, but act more-so as a deterrent.